People & Technology

The tools for efficient logistics are built on a combination of powerful IT systems and global solutions. It is often about technology, but technology does not solve problems, people do.

That is why our people are so important. Our people are in contact with our clients, suppliers and partners. Our people can utilize the tools to their full potential. Customers do not need to know the technology….they probably have more important issues…like taking care of their own customers.

Most problems can be avoided by thinking in advance and paying attention to details. This is where we put our knowledge, experience and commitment together to provide best solutions for our clients. Our client feels at home and taken care of. At the same time we offer equal or even better solutions than our competitors.

It’s about moving products – from origin to destination – at the best price and on time. To actually do it – and make it easy – that’s the challenge.

It’s about utilizing our resources and network, and how compatible our organizations are. Freight analysis is easy and theoretical – we like to call it problem solving.


Our network of partners & affiliates spread across the Globe enable us to fulfill every single delivery needs or logistics request, leaving you to focus on your core business. We assure that your shipment is in good hands by focusing on the below core principles when formulating solutions for you:

Safe Delivery:

Our Operation Team ensures that every step is carefully planned and arranged so that your shipment moves in the best possible manner. We ensure appropriate packing, shipment mode (Air/Sea/Land or multi-modal arrangement), proof of delivery, shipping note, verification are all well in place when handling your shipment. We minimize the occurrence of damage/lost/non-compliance to local regulation and any possible issue arising.

Accurate Handling:

Our professional team are trained and given checklist to ensure that the actual execution of the ground handling is strictly adhered to the requirement. Both onsite delivery and pickup of the physical shipment are verified and confirmed prior to the actual action being taken. This is critical in ensuring no mistakes in the shipment quantity, type, mixes and packages.

Timely Delivery:

Our service team will recommend and brief you the estimated delivery or arrival details prior to you committing to your customer on the shipment schedule. In this way, it helps to minimize your planning error for production, delivery commitment to user or end customer.

Real Time Tracking Facilities:

Our web-based tracking of your shipment means that you can have the ease of knowing your shipment status even during after office hours. Instant information can be made available whenever you need it which makes you in control of the situation.

Status Updating:

Our customer service team regularly monitors your shipments, the transport related situation that is happening around the world, and keeps you updated via web/email or tele-call for situations affecting your shipment which could be vital for your planning. Example of such situation could be custom procedure changes, handling mode, weather conditions, and transport mode happenings (e.g. general average, damaged etc).

Multi-Modal Chain enabled:

Our network and handling experience of the key transport modal allows us to react to actual situation affecting your shipment arrangement. The engaging of Transloading through Sea-Air/ Air-Sea/ Land-Sea/ Land-Air and the mixes of multi-modal transport allows you more choices of moving your shipment without compromising time and cost.

Cost Management:

Our dedicated team makes recommendation to assist you in saving freight cost without compromising your key priority for the shipment requirement (be it time factor, safety factor or security factor). Availability of multi-modal transportation, partner carriers/liners and consolidated volume negotiation allows good comparison of costing from different points.

Confidentiality Assurance:

Our team ensures that all data pertaining to your shipment are kept confidential. None of your company or shipment information will be revealed without seeking your prior approval. You are assured of our professional approach in handling your shipment information.