Exp/Imp Customs Clearance

Customs and Quarantine formalities are highly regulated for the customs clearance of imported goods but also for exports

Timely and accurate preparation and completion of Customs Clearance procedures are critical to a business as heavy penalties may be applied by Customs and Quarantine Inspections plus the possible delay or receiving your cargo.

FAB Freight Services can save your business time and money. Our expert Customs Clearance personnel can ensure clients are carefully guided through the process and given the best possible service for all customs formalities and associated requirements.

FAB can ensure the appropriate documentation is filled out and the correct importing and exporting procedures are followed to minimize any additional costs.

FAB is also handling your freight forwarding requirements it will allows us to ensure documents are filled in correctly well before your shipment is due to arrive. FAB procedure allows customs and quarantine clearance in advance of the actual cargo arriving wherever possible. FAB are also experts in the Customs Clearance of Motor Vehicles, Boats, Agricultural and Mining Machinery and Equipment as well as Personal Effects.

To obtain further information or a quotation on your air freight requirements whether imports, exports or Domestic needs please contact us today.