Associated with most major airlines, we provide multiple choice of routines and flexible shipping and flight schedules that suit your business

These consignments are handled by a group of most competence and experienced 3rd party logistics providers that will deliver your goods within the quickest distribution time.

We handle air ship any cargo that needs to be sent urgently including machinery parts, industrial size machinery, medical products, telecommunication equipment, as well as printed matters and etc.

We provide the following services:

  • Collecting and packing cargo for air shipments
  • Preparing all kinds of paper work including commercial papers, custom
  • Papers, banking, transportation documents and so forth
  • Booking the suitable flight
  • Handling over shipment to airport terminals for customs formality
  • Consolidating air shipments
  • Turning all papers to airlines after customs releasing cargo
  • Providing pre alert to consignees as well as to our overseas partners as required
  • Offering door to door service among every major city around the world