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About Us

We handle AIR and Sea Freight consolidation in all parts of the world. The freight forwarding industry is intensely competitive, littered with short term players and many frustrated clients seeking to assess the most effective means of getting their goods to their customers to keep abreast of the world trends in the industry and to provide better service in the market today and in the future.

All our offices are fully automated and are committed to ensuring that it maintains its lead in the business through constant planning and development of effective system and methods.FAB’s leading capabilities that give us the edge are reflected in the TOTAL SOLUTION.

Services offered include: International AIR/SEA Freight forwarding, Warehousing, Transhipment, Door to Door Service, Removals, Packing, and Crating, Customs clearance and Forwarding, Logistics Management, Value Added Warehousing. You can always trust FAB as all our staffs are well experienced with specific knowledge and are responsible for your commitments in order to fulfil our company’s objective – Enterprise and Integrity.

Global Powerhouse in Logistic

Working very closely with our overseas partners in freight forwarding and their localized networking agents has enable FAB to provide the competitive edge within the industry with quality global door to door service. We with linkages through our overseas networking partners, have access to every key country offering international freight forwarding service at competitive rates


FAB consultants are experienced global supply chain management and trade professionals with expertise in global supply chain strategy, process development, inventory management, transportation, import & export compliance, order fulfillment, distribution network modeling, procurement, international collection payments, foreign landed cost analysis, optimal manufacturing and distribution site locations and risk management.

To Develop Our Competitive Advantage & competencies to command a leading position in the logistics.
FAB as an experienced and dynamic Freight Forwarding Company. FAB offers it’s services to their customers and business enterprises worldwide without increasing additional expenses for our clients, Our Goal is to offer competitive rates and a reliable, professional service at all times, to both shipper & cnee for arrangement of the goods.
Mission Statement
To provide effective and reliable freight forwarding service that is client friendly, personalized and professional at an affordable and competitive rate for complete client satisfaction.

Our core values are the values that shall rule and represent our entire organization and each operation.

They lay the foundation for how we do business, how we want to perform and how we want to be perceived internally and by the world around, by customers, suppliers, partners, agents, competitors and government authorities.

Our core values are:

  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Long-term relations
  • Value-creating
  • Personalized
  • Participating
  • Good ethics

How to achieve our values:

  • Honest, clear and easy communication
  • Focus on the client and the goals ahead
  • Actively seek information and knowledge
  • Open and flexible approach toward new challenges.
  • Responsibility and commitment.
  • To live as we preach

Constant improvements and management control.

We are realists not promising more than we can achieve. We don’t take on work we can’t do.

Our quality requirements are stringent and specific. We work systematically on improving our staff, our skills and processes